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This project began in early 2000 as part of the Breed browsers database. Several people helped to gather information and inputting it into a database format. Please visit the Links page for additional acknowledgements. Because of extensive errors and problems with updating, the project laid stagnant for two years. They revived it in its present format in early 2004.

The Finnish Spitz breed has remained remarkably healthy over the years despite fairly extensive inbreeding in the United States and Canada. This does not mean that health problems were entirely absent.

Rather, most times where health problems presented the breeders worked hard at eliminating or minimizing their impact. Included in this category are cardiomyopathy and cleft palate. To preserve the healthiness of the breed, we have included a health information section available on each pedigree.

We hope that breeders and owners will contact us regarding information for this section in order that future breeders can make wise breeding decisions. Information we’d like for this section includes: OFA and CERF results or numbers if available publicly.

Given our limited gene pool, many of us do not automatically eliminate dogs afflicted or possible or known carriers based on only the occasional presentation of some disease.

Obviously, for this aspect of this project to be successful a willingness to share information is necessary. While some breeders have been open about health problems in the past, others have not. We hope this is a step toward openness in the breed that will become the norm for most if not all breeders.

Sharing the information preserves the healthiness of the breed that so many of us have enjoyed, and save owners and breeders from the heartache associated with an unwell Finnish Spitz. In addition, we’ve included a Health Watch page with practical advice for breeders on problems that may arise in a Finnish Spitz litter and what to look for in each litter.

We ask that everyone using this database be on your best ethical behavior with any information you gain from it. If you cannot do so, please do not proceed further. If we learn of unethical use of the information, I will shut your access to the website down.

A word about titles. Although we recognize the importance of titles to breeders and owners, and are more than happy to include titles this will not be our priority when updating the database. In addition, it will include only titles from recognized registries and breed clubs.

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