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WELCOME to the home of the Finnish Spitz Dogs. Here you will find information on dog breeding and finnish spitz puppies, looking for a pedigree and finnish spitz breeders, and some of the inherited diseases from which they sometimes suffer. We will also be looking at the Finnish lapphund.

Finnish Spitz dogs as is suggested in the name, originating from Finland. They started life as a hunting dog to hunt large moose and bears and other large animals. They are also capable of hunting smaller prey like rats and squirrels that can sometimes get into your home.

In Finland, the finnish spitz is normally a working dog and is the national dog of Finland. In modern times they are now becoming a household dog as they are a very friendly and loving dog.

Are They Children Friendly

From what I have seen and read the finnish Spitz dog is a lover of children of all ages. Being a very lively dog they will enjoy children’s games and love being part of the game that you are playing.

They are a smart dog in that they will get to know who in the family takes them out for a walk the most, and who when they are out, likes to play games or throw a ball or run around with them.

Being a clever and alert dog they learn when someone is not in the mood to play with them and will move to another member of the family to play games.

They are also quite a protective dog and tend to shy away from strangers until they fit into the family life.

With that in mind, they are not aggressive to strangers but will not hold out a paw for them until they get to know them. They are more for looking after their immediate family than becoming friends with strangers.

Training a Finnish Spitz Dog

This is a very active dog, mentally very alert and always on the go. They need plenty of action like long walks each day to wear them out for the evening.

This makes them a hard dog to train as they have so much life and are always alert to what is happening around them.

The best way to train them is by going to a dog school with them on a weekly basis and being taught by someone who knows all about these types of dogs and how to get them to listen to your commands.

By keeping doing the same tasks over and over again the dog will eventually start to learn what you want it to do. This needs to be done as to keep the dog interested in what you are trying to learn it.

If you are well versed in training your own dog then this should not be a problem for you. However, if you have bought a finnish spitz puppy and this is your first dog it would be well advised to take him or her to a dog training school to get the best from your puppy.

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